velveteen fringed kimono

fringed kimonoootd, outfit postmama and babyfashion bloggerlace up flatsmama and baby fashionbaby fashionbaby moccasinsmama : kimono – everything £5  //  tshirt – primark  //  jeans – primark  // shoes – primarks
baby : dungarees – amazon  //  moccasins – amazon



I feel compelled to write a little about how sad I felt reading a piece from the Daily mail online yesterday (read it here, if you fancy a laugh). Parenting is hard, theres no two ways about it, it changes your life completely and you (certainly me) need a little humour and confirmation from other parents that its normal to feel overwhelmed, exhausted and just a bit shit sometimes (what did I do with all my time pre-baby)??? That doesn’t mean I don’t love or look after my baby properly, she is my life now and I wouldn’t change it for the world. It just means I’m still human and actually still have a ‘non parent’ personality underneath my Mummy role. The lovely ladies this journalist is writing about all love their children to unconditionally (although that was failed to be mentioned at all) and i’ve no doubt that most of what they post is somewhat exaggerated for effect, but I still feel better about my own (occasional) bad day when I relax on the sofa of an evening, when the baby is asleep, and laugh at how other Mummies have faired or failed that day too. 

Anyway… it was a little sunnier last weekend (didn’t last long though) so out came my £5 fringed kimono, instead of a coat. I love this kimono, the tassels are endless amounts of fun for the baby to try and grab and she likes to stroke the velveteen material too, who needs toys (jokes, Mummy police)!! I just can’t get enough of babies in dungarees and rompers, so squishy and cute, but all the girls ones are pink pink pink or have bunnies and cats on, whyyyyyyy? So here’s my little girl in a pair of boys, navy star print ones, much better! She has bows on her shoes so she’s still a little girly, right?





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